Top Valentine's Day Perfume Gift Ideas That You Cannot Miss

Top Valentine's Day Perfume Gift Ideas That You Cannot Miss

Since it is trendy to gift something on Valentine’s day, everyone looks for one. Markets are flooded with red heart shaped products. There are teddy bears, pillows, cushions, coffee mugs, chocolates, and perfumes. With such a huge range, you can indeed get confused about what to give. Asking him or her for the gift they want is also not an option. If you are also facing such a dilemma and not sure what to give, go with perfume. It is indeed the safest choice of gift for valentine’s day.

What Are The Popular Options For Valentine’s Day Perfume Gifts?

 You can find not one or two but hundreds of perfume gifts. There are many options for men and women. And there are several options for the unisex range as well. Here are some of the most popular ones that you can try,

Lightr Perfume gift pack: One of the most popular brands, this perfume gift is perfect for Valentine’s day. It is creative and thoughtful for any perfume lover. In this gift pack, you will get 7 mini perfume bottle sprays. There is another variation having a carry case with the 7 perfumes. all these scents are handpicked for every mood or moment that is on your mind. The carry case allows you to keep the perfume in your pocket or purse. If you have a traveller bf or gf, they will appreciate this gift.

Perfumer’s Club gift pack: Give your loved one a piece of luxury with Perfumer’s Club fragrance gift pack. In this gift pack, you will get 3 full size perfumes. Each perfume is high quality Eau de parfum giving lasting sillage and aroma. They are available in various themes so you can pick the one best for them. You can get it for men as well as women.

Mini perfume trio gift: If you want to buy gifts for your friends on Valentine’s day, the Mini perfume trio is perfect. In this gift, you will get a pack of 3 mini top Indian perfumes and a carry case. It is cute and very aromatic. Moreover, they will love this gift since it is so useful in everyday life.

Perfume chocolate combo: You can create a small hamper by adding perfume and chocolates in a small basket. Or get the one available in the market. Many online and offline stores create hampers and deliver them on your behalf. You can surprise your loved one wherever they are with this. Similarly, there are many hampers with flowers, candies, and accessories for V-day.

You can give all these gifts for Valentine’s day, birthdays, or anniversaries. They are great for everyone and make gifting so much easier.

How To Choose The Best V-Day Perfume Gift?

Buying perfume for someone else can be tricky. But it is for your beloved and they expect you to know what they like or not. Especially in perfumes, you must be aware of what kind of aroma they love to wear before buying. If you are clueless, go through their perfume collection. Ask which scent they love more, by giving two options. This way you will know them better and buy the right scent.

Go with safe options if you want to keep the gift a surprise. For girls, the classic aroma of vanilla, roses and jasmine are best. And for boys, a citrusy fresh aroma with musk or sandalwood would be great. You can find many perfumes with these notes for men and women. Try to avoid all kinds of weird smells or strong perfumes while gifting. Some scents are acquired tastes and not everyone loves them.

Can I Buy Them At Affordable Prices?

With Valentine’s day around the corner, prices of gifts can shoot up. A rose which is usually for Rs. 20 can go up to Rs. 100 on that day. So, it is smart to buy V-day gifts before 14th Feb. If you are wondering about the high price of these gifts, well there are affordable options as well. Many perfume brands are available at lower prices. You can explore these to find the best gift for your bf or gf. For having the best deal, you can buy perfumes from local brands. Brands like Perfumer’s Club are quite nice in quality. And they are easy on your pocket too.

Another way to get a discount on branded perfume gifts is by purchasing them during the sale. At this time brands often sell them at up to 50% off the MRP. You can save a lot by purchasing gifts for everyone for the year during this time. With online perfume shops, it is easy to pick and buy Valentine’s day gifts. They have a huge range of options and costs. With easy shipping, you can send gifts to your loved ones in another city far away from you. Make this Valentine’s day full of fragrance while saving big using these tips.