Why Made In India Premium Scents Are Becoming Popular?

Why Made In India Premium Scents Are Becoming Popular?

India was a hub of luxury perfumes for many centuries. Kannauj a city in Uttar Pradesh, known as the perfume city, created marvellous scents. It is still popular among niche perfumers for its unique aroma. From using earthen pots to aged copper pots for creating a unique scent, the art of perfumery is developed here. Perfumers in this city are so experienced, they even created the perfume for the petrichor. The aroma of the first raindrops hitting the dry earth is captured in a scent bottle is pretty amazing.

Yet, Indian perfume brands often fight the international ones for attention. These brands have so much to offer from affordable scents to luxury quality. However, the times are now changing with the new generation focussing on local brands. If you are still filled with questions about Indian brands, this will help you in making your mind. You will now understand why Indian fragrance brands are gaining their long-lost popularity.

Which Type Of Perfume Is Best For A Lasting Aroma?

While trying the Indian perfume brands, it is apt to start with the best. Try Eau de parfum to enjoy a lasting aroma. Top Indian perfume brands such as Perfumer’s Club offer these types of scents. They have more than 15% essence concentration, giving you hours of aroma. During the winter season, these perfumes are known for their lasting aroma. It is a fact that a scent with lower alcohol concentration has a longer sillage and vividity. Eau de parfum range offers you precisely the same.

Apart from this, you can also try parfum oils available with some brands. You must have heard about attars or ittars. They are the traditional form of perfume oils. However, they can be a bit expensive. Even international perfume brands sell Eau de parfum at a higher price. But with Indian brands like Perfumer’s Club, you can get them at a low price. This brand offers a decent quantity of Eau de parfum for under Rs. 500.

Why Do Expensive Perfumes Fade Fast On Me?

After spending a lot on expensive perfumes, when they evaporate fast, it can be annoying. Many reasons can make your scent fade fast. It can be due to the quality of essence, application, and moisturization of the skin. No matter if a perfume is expensive, if the perfume essence is low, it will fade fast. Fragrances available with Indian brands like Perfumer’s Club offer more than 15% essence concentration. This is one of the highest concentrations among premium scents categories.

Indian perfume brands understand the importance of quality. They pay attention to the ingredients used in making the essences. Some brands even follow the traditional methods of extracting essences. It is then mixed using traditional methods for creating new scents and even the classic ones. Offering a higher perfume essence concentration helps in making your perfume lasting long. Switching to them might help in making a scent stand out.

Along with this, you can also pay attention to your skin as well. Always moisturise your skin properly before spraying perfume. This helps the perfume molecules to stick to your skin. Molecules will evaporate slowly but consistently making you smell amazing. Also spraying on pulse points can help in enhancing the scent.

Can I Get Luxury Perfumes On A Budget?

Yes, by purchasing Indian scents directly from the brand and online. International perfumes often levy taxes on their scents along with several commissions. This makes them expensive. Moreover, there are additional duties and costs added by stores selling them. On the other hand, Indian luxury perfume brands like Perfumer’s Club avoid doing so. They want their scent to speak for them and understand the competition in the market. These brands try to charge the actual production cost with a very minor profit margin.

Henceforth, if you wish to enjoy luxury perfumes without worrying about the high price. You can also get these perfumes at a much lower price by getting them online. During sale periods and by getting exclusive coupons offered by the brand, you can save a little more. Apart from this, buying perfume online helps get them anywhere you like. You can order fragrances at your comfort using your smartphone and get them delivered.

These are some frequently asked questions by perfume lovers. All these issues can be resolved using made in India perfume. Along with getting amazing perfume quality, you will also get something suitable to Indian taste. They are made by keeping the Indian weather conditions in mind. You can get a variation of scents to match the changing seasons as well.


Try Trendsetter and Swag for summers, Gentleman and Dreamer for the spring season. Into the Wild and Aqua cool are perfect for monsoon season. Night queen and Challenger are for winters. When you get so much by switching to Indian brands, why not try it at least once.