Winter Perfumes


The Winter season is quite challenging in most parts of India. It will be chilly for most of the season. And you do not want to come out of your cosy bundle of warm clothes. Some of us even skip taking baths because of the cold outside. You are not sweating in this season, but that does not mean your body is not perspiring. Even if you are under all those layers, your body odour manages to come out. And it can be quite annoying for everyone around you. Moreover, we do not wash winter clothes every day.

All these reasons make wearing perfume important in this season. Fragrances are not only to cover your sweat odour. They are made to make you smell nice in every situation. For the winter season, your deodorants are not enough to give you that nice smell. They will only wrap your body with a nice aroma. But with all those layers, this aroma will not be able to come up to the surface.
If you are unsure about what kind of perfume you should try right now, here are some helpful tips!

What Perfumes Are Best For Winter?

Since you will be wearing too many layers, your winter perfume should be strong. A light perfume will not be able to rise to the surface. You will know that you are wearing perfume, but no one else will notice it. Henceforth, try to get nice-smelling perfumes with a strong base. It can be an aromatic woody perfume, a spicy perfume or even a strong floral one. These are the ideal perfume base for a winter fragrance. These perfumes are rich in notes and will be noticeable.

Apart from this, you must consider the strength of the perfume. Avoid wearing EDC or body mist types of fragrances. They have less than 5% essence concentration. It will evaporate as soon as you apply it in cold weather. Even your favourite deodorant will not sustain for long with only 2% essence in it. you need something aromatic and long-lasting like EDP and parfum. These types of perfumes have 15% and more essence. It makes it quite vivid, and viable for the winter season.
Due to more perfume oil, it will stick to your skin better and evaporate slowly. You can also try out non-alcoholic perfumes as well as perfume oils for winter months.

How To Choose A Perfume For Winter?

Choosing a perfume for the winter season may seem difficult, but it is quite easy. There are certain tell-tale signs you can look out for. All you need to do is focus on the colour of the perfume. Browns, blacks, dark blues, and other shades are indicative of stronger perfumes. Similarly, words like Noir, Warm, and Night, are also suggestive of stronger perfumes. If you are unaware of notes, or types of perfume, these will help.
For those who know basic perfume terms, look for notes with stronger bases. Woody, spicy, warm gourmand and earthy perfumes are good for the winter season. The base must be strong. And by strong, it does not mean that the aroma should be pungent. Go for warm, rich, and vivid notes. It should be heavy on aroma and not weird smelling. Many amazing floral perfumes are also available in this category if you like flowers.
The perfume should have a low alcohol level in the base. This way it will not evaporate fast. Parfum oils are perfumes for this because they stick to your skin well. Any perfume that is great for summer nights and evenings is perfect for winter.

What Are The Top Winter Perfumes?

There are many amazing perfumes available in India for winter. You can choose them according to your budget and the brand that suits you. Perfumer’s Club Challenger, Achieve, And Night Queen are your budget luxury fragrances. They smell divine, warm, and perfect for the season. However, the cost is easy on your pocket.
If you want something mid-range and opulent, you can also try Lightr fragrances by Perfumer’s Club. Available in a collection of three and seven perfumes, they have every scent you need. These are not too strong but have warm and rich notes at the base.

You can enjoy a touch of citrusy aroma at the top, floral touches at the heart and woody spicy notes at the base. For those who want to have non-alcoholic fragrances, options are available for that. All these and many more options are not available online on Perfumer’s Club. Start stocking up on winter perfumes now.