Strong Perfume


A rich and deep aroma can be quite captivating. It is easily noticed by everyone around you. With a small quantity, you can get a lasting aroma. However, even after all these qualities, it can be intimidating. Strong perfumes are created for special occasions. They can also be used for certain seasons. You can utilize them for around a year use, but only by following certain tips. If you have not yet tried them, it is time to include them in your vanity.

Can I Use Strong Fragrances All Day?

The biggest issue with having a strong perfume is that you cannot use them every day. They are highly aromatic, strong, and rich. It can be a bit overpowering to use these scents on daily basis. Especially for the office, you cannot do it. These perfumes are specifically designed for special occasions. Parties, weddings, club nights, any special event at night. These places are crowded, and you want your scent to stand out.

If you wish to use them on daily basis, it is best to apply a minimum quantity. Apply only one spray of the perfume, on your skin and not your clothes. The clothing layer will reduce the strength of the aroma leaving a subtle aroma. While using the perfume in summer, you can follow this. However, for the winter season and autumn seasons, you can use it during the daytime.

What are the best options for strong fragrances?

Many amazing perfumes are available in India with a strong scent. Try to look for woody notes in the base. Sandalwood, oakwood, rosewood, and oud are some of the popular options for woody notes. Spicy notes that have a warm aroma of Sichuan pepper, black pepper, cinnamon, clove, and bay leaf are also good. Apart from these, leather, tobacco, frankincense, and musk are great for a strong aromatic experience.
Some of the perfumes available in this range are,

  • #AquaCool
  • #NightQueen
  • #EternalLove
  • #PartyAnimal
  • #WildChild
  • #Royale
  • #BombShell
  • #Iconic
  • #Dreamer

How to use it to smell nice?

Like any other perfume, these woody and aromatic notes work best if used properly. Start by cleaning your skin and moisturising it well. This helps the perfume to be absorbed by the skin and it will last longer. Now, if you sweat a lot and it is summertime, use an antiperspirant spray. These are also available in a non-fragrant version. You can use them to reduce sweating. After doing all this, you can spray the perfume. Apply it directly on the skin in two short sprays for the evening. If you are applying it for the daytime, stick to one spray only.
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