Sandalwood Perfume


For centuries, sandalwood has been a favorite of many perfumers. It is soothing, sensuous, and has a luxurious feel to it. Every sandalwood perfume is created through a rigorous process. It includes cutting and chipping a mature sandalwood tree. The older the tree the richer the aroma would be. After chipping and grinding, the wood is fed to the steamer where the oil essence is extracted through the steam distillation process. This essence is further used for perfume making.


Why Do You Need Sandalwood Scent In Your Vanity?

Although there are various kinds of perfumes available, the sandalwood scent has something unique. It makes you feel good when you are down. It uplifts your senses after a hard day. When you want to get into a romantic mood, a few spritzes will help. If you wish to surprise someone with a nice gift, sandalwood perfumes are best. This perfume type is perfect for every moment and every occasion. It is one scent note that goes well with other layers. These scents are a little piece of luxury that every perfume lover needs.


Can I Wear Sandalwood Perfume Every Season?

Yes, this is the perfume that goes well with every season. It is alluring and relaxing for the senses. If used in the right quantity, you can enjoy the aroma around the year. For the summer months, refreshing perfumes are considered best. You can try perfumes that have sandalwood at the base. #AquaCool Eau de parfum for unisex use has sandalwood at the base along with vetiver and musk. It is a refreshing and cooling perfume with white flowers, orange, sage, and lily.

To use sandalwood during winters, try to look for perfumes that have warm notes. #EternalLove EDP for women has sandalwood and musk base with floral top notes. It also has clover, pepper, and rose for that warm luxurious aroma. Similarly, #Achieve EDP also has sandalwood as a base along with pine tree notes and ginger.

While picking the perfume with sandalwood, look for the notes added along with it. It will help you to decide if the scent is suitable for the season, you need the perfume for. Make sure to focus on the intensity of the notes for a season suitable aroma. For summers, spring and monsoon, it should be gentle and soothing. And for winters, the aroma should be strong and vivid.


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