Popular Perfumes


Having a signature perfume is good, but you cannot wear the same scent every season. As per popular perfumers, it is good to switch things up a little bit when it comes to perfumes. Keep your perfume vanity updated with the trending fragrance range for every season. These perfumes are not only affordable but have an 18% essence concentration. And this means, a lasting aroma with unbeatable vividness.

Which Are The Trending Made In India Perfumes?

Some of the popular perfumes are: 


This is an aromatic floral perfume created for everyday use. Women who love gentle perfumes would enjoy this. It has a refreshing touch of citruses with fresh floral notes. This perfume is perfect for everyday use in the summer months. You can also use it in the spring and monsoon seasons. It is the most elegant perfume so you can wear it on dates as well.


This perfume is filled with fougere and citrusy notes. It is made for everyday use during summer, spring, and monsoon. With its not-so-intense notes, this is ideal for a man who loves a nice smell. It will keep you fresh without making others feel uncomfortable. Just two sprays of this perfume are enough for all day freshness.


Shine out at a party with the enchanting earthy floral woody combination. #NightQueen keeps you smelling fresh all night while you dance your heart out. Due to its strong and vivid aroma, this perfume is also great for weddings and club nights. It is also a nice fragrance for the winter and autumn seasons.


For those who love a nice alluring perfume for their everyday office use, Gentleman is the one. It is crafted for the gentleman that you are. Filled with fresh and woody notes, it is a perfect combination of soothing and sensuous. Wear only two sprays of this highly aromatic perfume for perfect subtle aroma. It is also perfect for every season, day in and day out.


A perfect blend of woody and floral notes, #EternalLove is your perfect date perfume. You can wear this fragrance during winter and monsoon months as well. It is warm, vivid, and enchanting. This perfume is a bit strong, so wear only 2 sprays of it. This will keep the perfume from being overwhelming for the senses. You can also wear this for nights and weddings.

Can I Get A Mini Version Of Popular Fragrances?

If you want to enjoy all these perfumes without spending a lot, mini scents are good for you. Perfumer’s Club offers interchangeable mini versions of their entire range. Whether you need trending men's perfume or women's, they have it for you. You can get these in a combo pack of three mini scents and a pack of 7 mini perfumes. Lightr interchangeable perfume gift sets can also be a nice gift idea. Whether you buy them in full size or try with an interchangeable range, these perfumes are set to blow your mind.