Oud Perfume


Quite like sandalwood, oud is an extremely popular aroma. It is used in a wide range of oriental and Arabic perfumes. for ages, this aromatic wood has been a favourite of Arabian perfumery. However, very few are aware of its origins and how it exactly smells. Oud is obtained from a tree called the Aquilaria tree, also known as the Southeast Asian Agar tree. The production of oud is not as simple as sandalwood though.

For making the oud, which looks like a resinous dense oil, one needs to infect the tree. And not just any infestation. The agarwood or Aquilaria tree is infected with a unique type of mould. This mould makes the tree produce a resin, also known as Oudh or oud. And it might smell bad initially. This resin is then processed to make the oud oil. The finest oud oils are obtained from old trees, so the trees are allowed to age before extracting resin.

Although it is used in Arabic perfumes specifically, the best, and premium quality of oud comes from India. It is known as Oud Hindi. Due to its high demand, it is now produced in other places around Asia including Cambodia and Vietnam.

What Is The Smell Of Oud Perfume?

Due to the production method used to make oud, it develops a unique set of fragrance notes. One cannot describe it to the T. The way everyone speaks of the Durian fruit, some love it and some hate it, explanation of Oud is also like this. The aroma is a mix of earthy, spicy notes with a hint of sweetness, a little smoky-musky and pungent but sensual. Although it smells magical, for some Oud perfume can be an acquired taste.

What Is The Best Arabian Oud Perfume?

The best Arabian oud is the one with the premium type of oud at the base. You can find such a perfume online in India easily. Try a perfume with oud at the base, spicy notes at the heart and floral notes at the top. Brands like Perfumer’s club have a nice range of aromatic woody perfumes with oud. You can try them and enjoy a nice aroma for the fall-winter season. They also have Oud Unisex perfumes here as well.

Which Season Is Best To Wear Oud Perfumes In India?

Every perfume is made for a specific season or time of the day. If you wear it in any other season, the aroma will not smell as it should. And it might also affect the longevity of the perfume. Similarly, there is a right time to wear oud perfume. Especially in a country like India, where seasons change every 2-3 months, this helps.

Oud fragrances come under a woody aroma. These are slightly warm, and smoky and have a pungency to them. Due to this unique characteristic, you must wear oud Eau de parfum for women or men during colder months. You can start wearing this perfume during the fall season. With a chill in the air, this season is great for wearing this perfume note. You can try perfumes that have oud at the base and gourmand notes at heart. It will smell truly vivid and redolent.

Apart from fall, oud is also great for the winter season. Actually, it is perfect for the winter season with its smoky pungent notes. You can try perfumes with oud at the base and spicy notes at heart. Apart from this, a combination of oud with floral notes is also great for this season. Many brands like Perfumer’s Club have a huge range of Oud Eau de parfum for men and women. You can buy them all online in India at the best prices.

How Should I Wear Oud Perfume For Long-Lasting Results?

For making perfume last longer, the application is particularly important. Start by cleaning and moisturising your skin. Now apply your favourite oud perfume to the pulse points. Avoid rubbing the perfume after application. It can damage the perfume molecules and ruin the perfume. Re-apply perfume once every 4-5 hours using mini perfumes. These are simple tricks to enhance the life of a perfume.

Make sure to buy Oud Perfumes of EDP quality. These have higher essence concentration and last longest. You can also try parfum oils with notes of oud if you need more than 12 hours of aroma. Fragrance stores like Perfumer’s Club are the best place to buy them. Visit the website, explore the collection of woody perfumes, and make them yours.