Famous Perfumes in India


It is a common perception that you can smell good only with expensive perfumes. However, many brands in India are there that can make you smell good at one-tenth of the branded scent cost. Perfumer’s club is one such brand giving you an unbeatable aromatic experience without charging a lot.

Is It Worth Buying Expensive Perfumes?

Expensive branded fragrances charge a lot for perfumes. But they are often not enough to give you a long-lasting aroma. People buy it in the name of the brand itself. There are many hidden charges, luxury taxes, and other costs that make them expensive. Indian brands like Perfumer’s Club can offer precisely the same quality at a much lower price.

Which Perfume Is Best For The Winter Season In India?

The Winter season is the time when we often forget about perfumes. Since we are not sweating, applying a scent seems redundant. However, we forget that the body is still perspiring causing us to smell bad. For this, you need a special blend of notes that only works best in the winter season. Warm, rich, and deep strong notes are considered to be best for colder months. You can look for aromatic woody notes that have sandalwood, vanilla, musk, oakwood, rosewood, and patchouli. Floral notes of Roses and jasmine, with rich spices, are also suitable for winters.

You can get all this with famous perfumes in India like:-

Night Queen:

A strong Eau de parfum for women that will keep you in the limelight wherever you go. This perfume is best for the evenings and nights around the year and allday during the winter months. You can spray twice on your skin after moisturising it for best results.

Party Animal:

A mind-blowing party perfume for men that is enriched with deep and rich notes. Enjoy the touch of musk with sandalwood in this perfume for all-day freshness. You will smell nice, making everyone feel comfortable around you. It is an ideal perfume for the evenings and nights, especially during winters.

Apart from these two, you can also try #Wanderer, #EternalLove, #Social, #Gentleman, #Challenger #Royale for smelling divine during the winter months.

Where Can I Buy Perfume Gift Packs At A Low Price Online?

Giving gifts on every occasion is pretty common in India. Not only birthdays and anniversaries, but we also prefer gifting even while visiting someone after a few months. With such a customary practice of gifting, it can be tedious to look for new gifts. Moreover, the cost of gifting is tremendous as well. If you want to have options for budget friendly gifting, perfumes are the best choice. Fragrances can make anyone feel good and they are probably the only useful gift.

Perfumer’s club has many amazing perfume gift packs. You can go through them and choose the best one for your loved ones. One gift pack has three full size perfumes in them, handpicked according to the theme. You can choose from available variants for men and women. You also do not have to worry about the excessive cost of the fragrance gifts over here. All these gifts are affordable and priced.

If buying the gift pack is out of budget, go for the combo pack of two perfumes or choose singles. They can deliver fragrances all over the country. Henceforth, you can buy as many as you wish without worrying about anything. Enjoy hassle-free perfume shopping with easy payment options and delivery pan India.