Why Is Woody Perfume Is Good For The Winter Season?

Why Is Woody Perfume Is Good For The Winter Season?

Winter season is approaching slowly bringing the chill and windy weather along. During this season, many people avoid wearing perfumes. According to them, if they are not sweating, there is no need for perfume. However, under all those layers of clothing, your skin is still perspiring. It is still releasing toxins from your body through these pores. And these will certainly make you smell bad. Apart from this, we often do not wash our winter clothing after a single use. They will entrap the body odour, turning into something unbearable.

Your regular fresh perfumes are not enough to cover the pungent body odour. What you need is something rich and deep which can combat the sweat smell. And it can make you smell nice for hours with its vivid aroma. Among all the options, there are very few notes that can work amazingly in the winter season. And woody notes are one of them.

Woody notes are the aroma of woods, having a huge variation. It includes the scent of wet wood, mossy wood, dry wood, fragrant wood, dry leaves, twigs, and all kinds of wood. Anything and everything inspired and created from wood is part of this collection. You will find these fragrances luxurious and warm adding a nice touch to the perfume. Since these are a little stronger than regular fragrance notes, they are used in the base. Due to all these qualities, woody perfumes are indeed the best choice for the winter season.

Which Is The Popular Woody Note For Indians?

Although you will find a huge number of woody notes in India, a few are popular. And sandalwood is the king of these selected few. Sourced from the jungles of Mysore, these aromatic woods are part of every Indian household. In some, it is used as a beauty oil and in others, it is used for religious purposes. But you will find them everywhere. The aroma of sandalwood is quite pleasant and sweet.

Since it is quite expensive, only a fraction is used for creating sandalwood perfume. if you want to experience something delightful, go with Eau de parfum or parfum oil. These have higher essence concentration and give a pure perfume experience. You can get pure sandalwood perfume as well as a blend with other notes. This is perfect for the winter season if you need an ideal winter perfume with woody notes.

Can I Get Winter Perfume With Sandalwood Online?

There are many online sandalwood fragrances available in India. Brands like Perfumer’s Club offer a bunch of these in Eau de parfum quality. #Achieve has sandalwood with musk and vetiver giving a refreshing woody aroma. #AquaCool has sandalwood with citrusy notes and floral notes. It is a nice cooling perfume for everyday use. If you like unisex perfumes, these will indeed make you fall for them.

#Dreamer is an elegant perfume that has sandalwood and vanilla. It is a great everyday scent for women. For a little stronger scent, try #EternalLove with Sandalwood, pepper, and floral notes. It is warm and aromatic, perfect for the winter season. For a floral citrusy blend with woody notes, try #Iconic. This one has sandalwood with vetiver, neroli, jasmine and rose. These are all some of the best women’s perfumes for the winter season that has woody notes.

There are many men’s fragrances as well with sandalwood at the base. You can buy them online from stores like Perfumer’s Club. If you love to travel, get the miniature size so that you can carry them. Otherwise, you can go with the full size perfume bottle. Get these and smell marvellous in winter season.