Q: Why is it called the Perfumer’s Club?

Answer: A Club for perfume lovers, who enjoy using perfumes and understand that our fragrances are 6 times better than Deodrants. You can have the same quality as premium expensive ones while being easy on the pocket.

Answer: The perfumes are made with the best quality ingredients ensuring longer fragrance lasting and consistent notes throughout the day.

Answer: All our perfumes are made with 18% perfume concentration to ensure the fragrances have the strength as any other prestige perfumes that sell for over Rs. 3000.

Answer: Whereas most premium brands charge not just for the perfumes but also for the branding, brand licensing, advertising, sales promotion, discounting, distribution, wholesaling, sales representatives, displays, huge manpower, and huge margins, we aim at selling directly to the customer saving on distribution cost and branding expenses.

Pack of 3 :-

Answer: It’s a gift pack consisting of 3 different 50ml perfumes.

Answer: Yes, you can.

Refer & Earn :-

Answer: The refer and earn program enables a person to share his referral code or referral link with his friends, family and known ones. If the person purchases using the code/link, the customer will receive a free gift and the person using the code will get a discount.

Answer: A 50ml Perfumer’s Club Perfume.

Answer: He will receive Rs. 100 discount on using the code.

Answer: Once you win a 50ml perfume, you can redeem and order the perfume within 3 months of winning it.

Answer: Yes, you can.

Answer: You may have to pay a shipping fee of Rs. 50 per order. You may add as many perfumes you like in this order.

Answer: You may go to your user panel after logging in and get your referral code and link from there. You may share it on your social media pages, WhatsApp, emails or simply SMS your friends.

Scent Matcher :-

Answer: The Scent Matcher is an algorithm developed by our team that matches and compares the notes of premium perfumes against our perfumes and suggests which is the most similar perfume available with us, according to your likings.

Answer: We have tried our algorithm against multiple products and have found it to be quite accurate in terms of providing fragrances from similar families and notes.

Answer: We have developed the Scent Matcher with a view to providing affordable alternatives to the premium ones but the algorithm can merely suggest the alternatives based on the notes and family, so there is no guarantee that you will like it and neither are we claiming that the match is the exact same fragrance. So, all we can do is hope that you like it.

Shipping Charges :-

Answer: We charge a standard shipping fee of Rs. 50 Shipping on every order. You can add as many products as you wish in this order.

COD Charges :-

Answer: There is an additional charge of Rs. 20 on every COD order.

How to use Perfumes :-

Answer: Read the brochure in the box for all the details.

Answer: About 6-8 sprays at one time are good enough. The key to wearing perfume is that the more sublime it is, the classier it feels. Do not overspray.

Answer: Perfumes should be sprayed only on the pulse point. Please click here to know more.

Answer: Perfumes last longer when you are in a closed environment, preferably air-conditioned. When you sweat a lot, the perfumes will not last that long.

Answer: Everybody has their own smell. So, obviously, perfumes will smell differently on different people. Even if you use the same fragrance, the scent will differ. It’s very important to find the right perfume for your body matching the pheromones.

Answer: Your nose gets used to/immune to the same smell if you use the same perfume every day. You should keep changing perfumes but have a favorite one that becomes synonymous with your identity.

  • Don’t keep the perfume under the sun.
  • Never overspray perfumes.
  • Keep changing perfumes.
  • Carry your perfume in your pocket/purse to reapply whenever needed.

Perfume vs. Deodorant :-

Answer: Deodorants are primarily used to cover body odor, whereas perfumes are used to give long-lasting fragrance.

Answer: Colognes have upto 8% concentration, EDTs upto 12%, EDPs upto 18% concentration.

Answer: Perfumes last longer primarily because of the quality of fragrance used. The more natural ingredients the more it lasts. Additionally, some fragrances having musk, wood, etc will naturally last longer as it is in their nature, whereas light fragrances such as citrus, aquatic last for a shorter period. Along with this, the concentration of perfume oil or fragrance essence in perfume spray can have an impact on the lasting.

Rating :-

Answer: Rating and feedback enable other users to get a view on what other consumers such as you perceive about the product. This will help them in making a better decision regarding purchase.

Billing :-

Answer: We try to make your purchase experience convenient by offering varied payment options. Debit cards, credit card, net banking, cash cards, mobile wallets, and COD options are available with us for your convenience.

Answer: Yes, the COD option is available. There is an additional charge of Rs. 20 on every COD order.

Shipping :-

Answer: Yes, the option to track the order is available. Once your order is dispatched, you will receive an SMS with the name of the courier company and the AWB number. You may track your order from the company website using this number.

Returns & refunds :-

Answer: Products once purchased cannot be returned unless they are received in a damaged condition.

Answer: As we do not take back returns, we do not offer refunds. If your product is received in a damaged condition, we will send you a replacement.

Answer: If the products are received as damaged, please mail us a picture of the product along with the courier box and details at connect@perfumersclub.com